Second set of draft zoning rules released

The Cville Plans Together initiative has released the second set of rules for how Charlottesville’s new zoning code will work. Module 2 covers the development standards.

“The standards set requirements for things like vehicle and pedestrian access, automobile and bicycle parking, planting standards, tree removal, transitional buffers and screening, signs, and lighting,” reads the executive summary. 

Here are direct links to the files:

  • Draft Development Standards (.PDF)
  • Draft Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU) Monitoring and Procedures Manual (.PDF)
  • Recorded Overview Presentation (.PDF) (video link)
  • Executive Summary of Module 2 (.PDF)
  • Sensitive Community Area Considerations (.PDF)

I’ve not had a chance to review any of this yet but will do so for the next installment of the newsletter. I’d rather go through it before saying too much but take a look at the image below for the top highlights sans detail. 

Some of what’s in draft module 2 (Credit: City of Charlottesville)

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