Mallek seeks fifth term to represent White Hall on Albemarle Board of Supervisors

Ann Mallek was first elected to the White Hall District on the Albemarle Board of Supervisors in 2007 when she defeated Republican David Wyant with 55.64 percent of the 5,307 votes cast that year. 

Mallek ran unopposed in 2011 and 2015 but faced Republican Steve Harvey in 2019 and won 56.7 percent of the 7,728 votes cast that year. 

It’s been many years since anyone sought a fifth term, but Mallek made her intentions known at a kick-off event Saturday at Crozet Library. 

“With encouragement from local citizens and county leaders across the Commonwealth, I declare today to seek re-election for a last term representing the White Hall District,” Mallek said.

Ann Mallek launched her campaign on Saturday at Crozet Library (Credit: Sean Tubbs)

During her campaign speech, Mallek asked those in attendance to note that the population in 1950 was 26,650. Now the population is at 115,495 as of last July 1 as estimated by the Weldon Cooper Center at the University of Virginia. She said this campaign will be a lot like her first. 

“Many top issues in 2023 are reminiscent of 2007 as residents worry about rapid residential development, increase in population, and community services that have not kept up from missing sidewalks and parks to the cost of housing,” Mallek said. 

Mallek said that the next four years will include pivotal decisions about the county’s future and she encouraged people to get involved with plans that are underway such as the review of the Comprehensive Plan. She said her institutional memory is still needed especially on environmental issues. 

“Debate will surely continue about the growth area boundary as it has since 1980 when it was created,” Mallek said. “Our urban surfaces growth area is limited to five percent of the county. Understand that expanding services costs a fortune, thus the growth area limits make financial as well as environmental sense.” 

Last week, Supervisor Bea LaPisto-Kirtley filed paperwork to run for a second term in the Rivanna District. An independent, David Rhodes, has also filed paperwork but indicated in an email to Charlottesville Community Engagement that he may step aside if another candidate emerges. 

Last November, Democrat Michael Pruitt announced his campaign for the Scottsville District seat.  A person with an internet talk show has previously announced a bid for the Scottsville District, but has so far not filed any paperwork. Until then, no free publicity. 

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