Albemarle welcomes new firefighters

Six new firefighters have joined Albemarle County this week after going through an abbreviated recruit school. The county announced this morning that the new public safety employees had previous experience and are known as  “lateral recruits.” 

“ACFR personnel are highly trained and motivated to provide the highest quality service to the residents of Albemarle,” said Albemarle County Fire Rescue Chief Dan Eggleston in a statement. “These individuals were already trained firefighters elsewhere and chose to come to ACFR because of the standard of care and quality of the department, and we warmly welcome them to the family.”

The six new recruits are part of an Albemarle County Fire Rescue department with 167 full-time employees. 

“Starting pay for firefighters with no experience is $50,000 and then pay goes up from there based on the previously mentioned qualifications,” said public information officer Bridgette Butynski. “Two of the six in this class came to us as paramedics.” 

The county will begin a new recruiting class next year but that will be for those without experience already. If you or anyone you know is interested, visit for details on the upcoming 24-week training session for the next class. 

The new recruits along with Captain Dan Spearin, Senior Firefighter Sean Ryan, and Firefighter Robert Greene (Credit: Albemarle County) 

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