Bids are out for Greenbrier Elementary modernization

Geothermal drilling at Buford 

The city has issued an invitation for bids for the modernization of Greenbrier Elementary School. 

“Project involves renovation of parts of Greenbrier Elementary School, including but not limited to flooring, ceiling replacement, minor HVAC duct work, storefront glass and finish work,” reads the bid description. “Project will require coordination with other work on related and unrelated projects on the school site.” 

There is a 456 page manual for the project. A pre-bid conference is scheduled for November 29, 2022. Submissions will be received through December 14, 2022. Work is expected to begin June 12, 2023 with substantial completion on August 11, 2023. 

Cover page of the drawings for the Greenbrier Elementary modernization project

Another school related project is a request for quotes for a firm to “provide vertical geothermal test bore and formation thermal conductivity testing” at the lower play field at Buford Middle School. A total of two test bores are required and the cost includes transportation of either a mud-rotary dwelling rig or a compressed-air drilling rig.

“Each bore hole shall be a minimum of 500 feet,” reads attachment E of the RFQ. “The completed depth shall be determined by the placement of the u-bend. The distance from the bottom of the u-bend to the surface shall constitute the completed bore depth.”

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