Charlottesville schools preparing for “worse” situation for bus drivers this fall

There are 54 days until Charlottesville City Schools begin for the next academic year. The school system is seeking assistance and input on alternative methods of getting students to school as an ongoing transportation crisis continues. 

“As we look to fall 2022, our school bus challenges appear to be worse, not better,” reads a website set up to provide information in advance.

The website states the city’s efforts to incentivize new drivers by increasing pay and offering bonuses are not working out. As such, the city wants to get parents ready for potential alternatives. 

  • Supporting walking in expanded walk zones
  • Encouraging use of public transportation
  • Collaborating with community partners to support biking
  • Adding mini-school buses (hopefully electric)

The first of several listening sessions will be held next Wednesday at Westhaven, with others scheduled later in the month at Friendship Court and Hearthwood Apartments. 

More information about the Transportation Talk and Walk Sessions being held this month 

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