Advertising error requires Charlottesville Planning Commission to reconsider Grove Street rezoning 

The main item on the agenda of the Charlottesville Planning Commission Tuesday night is a public hearing on a new submission for land accessible from the cul-de-sac Valley Road Extended but with an address of Grove Street. The applicant seeks a rezoning and special use permit to build four apartment buildings on 0.652 acres of land. Since the last go-round in October, the land is now designated as General Residential under the Future Land Use Map. 

This is back before the Planning Commission due to a technicality. The Commission voted 4-2 on October 21 to recommend approval, but one of the parcel identification numbers was not correct in the public advertisement for the rezoning, the special use permit, and the critical slopes waiver.  

“To ensure accuracy, all three applications have been readvertised and returned to [the] Planning Commission for action,” reads the staff report (page 7 of the .PDF). “No substantive information has changed or been updated to the application.” 

The exception is information related to the new land use designation. Staff has provided analysis of how the application should be treated under the new Comprehensive Plan, including a provision for additional density if there is a component that would guarantee rent would be below market. 

Only two members of the public spoke at the October 21, 2021 Planning Commission public hearing. (meeting info)

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