New group forms to build support for education investment

A new group has formed to promote public investment in Charlottesville City Schools. The launch of Charlottesville United for Public Education comes on the same day School Superintendent Royal Gurley Jr. will present the operating budget for city schools to the City Council. 

“The organization views the city’s budget planning season as an opportunity to rally behind much-needed investments for public schools,” reads the press release that went out this morning. 

According to the Virginia Department of Education, 46 percent of Charlottesville’s 4,265 students in 2020 were economically disadvantaged, and the organization says the city can do more to support public education.

“Students in low-income families bear the hardship of decades-long disinvestment and need greater instructional, housing, health, and social supports to thrive,” the release continues.

Visit the organization’s website at to learn more. City Council’s joint work session begins at 5 p.m. today. (meeting info)

Data from the Virginia Department of Education

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