Charlottesville assessments up by over ten percent 

The annual reassessment of property in Charlottesville is complete, and over 95 percent of residential property increased this year. In all, there are 15,164 taxable parcels in the city, and the overall increase for 2022 is 10.77 percent. 

The overall average increase for residential property is 11.69 percent, with only 1.37 percent decreasing in value and 2.77 percent staying the same. 

Commercial property increased an average of 2.79 percent. According to a release from the assessor, this includes apartments, retail, office, industrial, and vacant land. For more information, check the city assessor’s website. If you’re a property owner, check your mailbox. The new assessments are now listed on Charlottesville’s GIS site. Appeals must be filed by February 28, 2022. (application)

If you’re a property owner, how did you fare? What do you think? Drop a line in the comments. 

And if you’d like to review property transactions from 2021, visit the “Property transactions” tab on Information Charlottesville

  • Albemarle County had an estimated population of 114,424 for July 2021, a 13.7 percent increase since 2010.
  • Fluvanna added another 1,865 residents for an estimate of 27,556. That’s a 6.7 percent increase since 2010.
  • Greene County grew 12.8 percent with an estimate of 21,030 people. 
  • Louisa County grew 13.9 percent with a population estimate of 38,364
  • Nelson County lost 200 people for a 1.4 percent decrease in population, with a 2021 estimate of 14.820.

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One thought on “Charlottesville assessments up by over ten percent 

  1. Informal survey in MJNA, shows approx +18% since last year, and +20% in 2 years.

    How do fixed income seniors cope?

    Maybe the assessments are now more accurate, but rate of .95 should come down.

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