Wade raises $55K in first quarter for Council race

The first campaign finance reports are in for the Charlottesville City Council race and the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors. The Virginia Public Access Project has updated their campaign finance database with new reports from all of the Democrats who have filed in both races. 

Let’s start with the two seats for City Council. City Councilor Heather Hill is not running for re-election. Independent Mayor Nikuyah Walker announced re-election last year, but the Virginia Public Access Project does not yet include a report from her campaign. 

Four-term Charlottesville School Board member Juandiego Wade raised $55,544 in the first quarter of the year, with 77 contributions of over $500. That includes one $5,000 donations from Sonjia Smith and another $5,000 from Seminole Trail Management LLC. So far Wade has spent $13,893. 

Brian Pinkston, who ran for the Democratic nomination in 2019, raised $40,578 between February 7 and March 31 according to material published on VPAP. That includes 53 contributions of more than $100 including a $5,000 contribution from Seminole Trail Management LLC. Pinkston has spent $828 in itemized expenses and the total amount raised includes $7,685 in in-kind expenses. 

The report from Charlottesville Businessman Carl Brown shows the candidate has raised no money and spent no money, and has a campaign balance of $25. 

The VPAP update also does not include a report from independent candidate Yas Washington. 

In Albemarle County, there are reports for the three Democrats in the three magisterial district races. So far there are no independents or Republicans.

Newcomer Jim Andrews raised $25,876 in his campaign to succeed Liz Palmer as the supervisor for the Samuel Miller district. That includes $2,518 from Liz Palmer’s campaign, and $5,000 donations a piece from Sonjia Smith and Michael Bills. Andrews’ campaign spent $928 and recorded $400 in in-kind expenses. 

Jack Jouett District incumbent Diantha McKeel raised $11,605 in the first quarter, and had a balance of $25,543 on March 31. McKeel spent $532. 

Rio District incumbent Ned Gallaway raised no money in the first quarter but began the year with a balance of $5,693. His campaign spent $28. 

So far, there are no independents or Republican candidates in any of the three supervisors races.

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