Regional officials share information about regional budgets

At the end of the April 2021 TJPDC meeting, Commissioners from all six localities had the chance to give updates. Jesse Rutherford is on the Nelson County Board of Supervisors.

“Real quick, just want to say we’re looking at lowering our machine and tools tax as well as lowering our personal property tax rates,” Rutherford said.

The public hearing for the Nelson County’s $41.7 million budget is scheduled for May 4 with adoption expected on May 11. (budget website)

Tommy Barlow is on the Louisa County Board of Supervisors.

“We’re still struggling along with our budget trying to figure out what to do with that and get it resolved,” Barlow said.

Louisa’s proposed budget does not appear to be available on the county’s budget website. Adoption is expected on April 19. 

Albemarle has completed their cycle of five budget work sessions and adoption is scheduled for May 5.

“We were able to cancel the last work session that we were going to have on the budget,” Price said. “We’re looking at getting about $10 million in the first tranche of funds from the federal government in May and the same amount next year. We know that at some point the federal government can’t continue to be providing these funds but they really have been a lifesaver for us this year.” 

Fluvanna County will have its public hearing on its budget on April 14 with adoption scheduled for April 21. Their proposed budget is based on a property tax rate of $0.884 per $100 of assessed value, down from the current rate of $0.925. Tony O’Brien is a member of the Board of Supervisors. 

“In our budget we’ve included taking out a loan of about $25 million to work on a new administration building and update some of our fire and rescue vehicles as well as the sheriff and busses as well too,” O’Brien said. 

Herring gave an update on Greene County’s budget.

“Our tax rate will stay the same,” Herring said. “Our assessments did go up. We would have probably looked at lowering our [tax rate] this year if it wasn’t for our debt associated with our [Rapidan Service Authority] water authority.”

For more details on that issue, read Terry Beigie’s story on the on-going issue. The Greene County Board of Supervisors convened this afternoon to vote on a resolution requesting that Orange and Madison counties allow Greene to leave the Rapidan Service Authority. The RSA objects with a plan to impound White Run to create a new reservoir and did not allow Greene to use a facility fee that had been charged to cover the cost of the project. 

Schematic image for White Run Reservoir project

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