Work continues on Rio Road Corridor Study

Tonight, the Places29-Rio Community Advisory Committee will get a briefing on the Rio Road Corridor Study, a project underway in that is in part a response to opponents of recent rezoning proposals on Rio Road East. They argued Albemarle County needed to address congestion on the street before approving any more residential units. The firm Line + Grade was hired last year to conduct the work following their work on a similar study of Avon Street Extended.

The Albemarle Planning Commission got a look at the study’s scope at their meeting on February 16. (project website)

“The scope of the study is from the Rio-29 Small Area Plan area at the west to the intersection of the John Warner Parkway,” said David Benish, one of the county’s planning managers. “This study will also be taking into account traffic from existing and potential development in those approaching segments to this corridor.”

The study’s scope will evaluate the roadway and develop future projects to improve safety and create new infrastructure.

“It also will provide solutions to enhance the mobility and access for all users and all common travel methods,” Benish said. 

Benish said this will be first time that Albemarle’s Office of Equity and Inclusion will use their new equity impact assessment process.

“OEI’s initial demographic analysis of the area reveals a corridor that has a very diverse population regarding race, age, income, homeownership status and transportation needs,” Benish said. 

A questionnaire for the project is currently live and there will be a pair of kickoff meetings on March 11 and March 12. Benish also told the Planning Commission that the Virginia Department of Transportation has recently recommended funding for a roundabout at the intersection of Rio Road East and the John Warner Parkway. 

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