Piedmont Housing Alliance to build units at Southwood

Albemarle County has entered into an agreement with Piedmont Housing Alliance to use some of the county’s allotment of federal housing vouchers for the first phase of the redevelopment of Southwood Mobile Home Park. Habitat for Humanity was able to secure a rezoning for this first phase, which would see new construction along Old Lynchburg Road on land that is currently wooded. (details)

Now Piedmont Housing Alliance will develop the actual new homes and will seek  Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) to make the project more feasible. This agreement could help the application’s chances with the Virginia Housing Development Authority, an entity that now goes by the name Virginia Housing. 

The application for Southwood Apartments A would be for 76 affordable rental units with 58 of those being two-bedrooms. According to correspondence from Virginia Housing to Albemarle County, these would be in two three-story buildings. 

Applications for LIHTC credit are due in March. Other applications are expected to come from Virginia Supportive Housing for redevelopment of the Red Carpet Inn in a collaboration with Piedmont Housing. Piedmont Housing is also submitting an application for the second phase of Friendship Court.

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