Smith Aquatic Center to close for annual maintenance

Image from Brian Daly's update to City Council on May 6, 2013

Since opening in 2010, Smith Aquatic Center has been plagued with a plethora of issues related to indoor air quality.  Just before the pandemic changed everything in March 2020, the city had announced major repairs to address concerns. The pool and gym stayed closed for 26 months before reopening in May 2022.

Now the facility will shut down between Saturday, August 19 and September 4 for annual maintenance. 

“We will be draining, power washing, cleaning all play features and slides,” writes Linda Austin with the city’s Parks and Recreation Department. “Then filling up the pool. Replace metered shower valves units, Clean the pool deck, preventative maintenance in our pump room, Change filter media in the filters, Change the clear comfort canisters.”

Sounds like an attempt to be thorough. 

Anyone with a pass for fitness equipment can use it at Carver Recreation Center or can use Crow Pool instead. The exact hours are in the press release

This maintenance takes place at the same time when construction is underway for the renovation at Charlottesville Middle School. This paragraph is an excuse to post a picture of the work to date. 

Much of the former track has been removed with land excavated for the installation of new stormwater pipes. The Schoolyard Garden is gone, but the gym with the mural still stands. For now. (Credit: Sean Tubbs)

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