Five Democrats on ballot for June 20 primary for City Council; All three Albemarle Democrats run unopposed in Supervisor race

The deadline has passed for candidates to qualify for the ballot in party races scheduled for June 20 in Virginia. There’s competition for Charlottesville City Council, but none at the primary level for the Albemarle Board of Supervisors.

In all, five Democrats will be listed in the primary contest that’s scheduled for 71 days from now as confirmed by John McLaren, the chair of Charlottesville Democrats. 

They are:

Payne and Snook are the first City Councilors to run for re-election since 2017, when incumbent Fenwick lost in the primary that year. Before winning election as a Democrat in 2013, Fenwick had twice run as an independent. He also ran in the 2019 Democratic primary but placed fifth in a five-way race. 

In Albemarle County, Democrat Ann Mallek will face independent Brad Rykal in the November 7 election for the White Hall District Supervisor. Today Rykal sent out a press release indicating he would not take any campaign donations from developers or other special interests. 

In the Rivanna District, Democrat Bea LaPisto-Kirtley will not face a primary challenge unlike in 2019. The incumbent will face independent Thomas Fadeley. 

Democrat Michael Pruitt currently doesn’t have any opposition in the November race. Incumbent Donna Price opted to retire from government when her term expires on December 31. Independent candidates have until June 20 to qualify for the general election ballot.

There are no Republican candidates in any of the local government races, except Senate District 11. More on that in a moment.

Area legislative races are also now official as well.

In the race for District 54 in the House of Delegates, the candidates are Bellamy BrownKatrina Callsen, and Dave Norris

In the race for District 55 in the House of Delegates, Amy Laufer and Kellen Squire are on the ballot. 

In the race for Senate District 11, Delegate Sally Hudson is challenging Senator Creigh Deeds for the Democratic nomination. Philip Hamilton is running as a Republican and J’riah Guerrero is running as an independent.

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  1. Hopefully a STRONG INDEPENDENT candidate for White Hall District Supervisor who will be for ALL of us living in Albemarle Country.

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