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Charlottesville handing out free trees to utility customers

For the second year in a row, the city’s Department of Utilities is partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation to hand out 200 free trees as part of a strategic planting. 

“Properly planted trees can reduce the amount of energy a home requires to remain comfortable by providing a barrier to cold winter winds and delivering shade in the summer,” reads the press release sent out this morning. “When planted properly, a single tree that grows over time can save a homeowner up to 20% on energy costs.”

Interested parties can submit a request for a tree through a reservation portal. Available varieties are Serviceberry, Black Gum, Ironwood, Willow Oak, and Tulip Poplar. Pick-ups can begin as soon as March 6. 

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House District 55 update: Bell not seeking election

Late last week, Delegate Rob Bell announced he would not seek re-election to another term in the General Assembly. Bell was first elected in 2001 when he defeated Democrat Charles Martin with 59.9 percent of the vote. He ran unopposed in 2003, 2007, 2011, 2013, and 2015. In the years he faced a contested election, he secured between 62 percent and 67 percent of the vote. 

On the final day of the General Assembly last Saturday, Bell addressed the House of Delegates to explain he is retiring to devote more time to his family and thanked his wife Jessica. 

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Snook launches re-election campaign for City Council; Payne will also seek a second term

None of the people elected to City Council in either 2015 or 2017 opted to run for a second term, but two members of the 2019 cohort want more time to represent Charlottesville voters. One of them made an announcement yesterday at the Free Speech Monument on the Downtown Mall. 

“I’m here to announce that I am going to be running for election as a City Councilor on the June 20th Democratic primary,” said Lloyd Snook, who wanted to make certain he was not running for another term as Charlottesville’s Mayor. In fact, he said he would not seek another two-year term if he is re-elected. 

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