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TJPDC gets $275K for eviction diversion program

Earlier this month, Governor Glenn Youngkin’s office announced the distribution of $2.9 million in grants across Virginia for programs to help keep people from being evicted from their homes. That includes an additional $275,000 for the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission for another year of work. (view the TJPDC Eviction Reduction Pilot grant page)

“Funding will support an Eviction Case Management Program at the newly created Financial Opportunity Center / Housing Hub as well as the creation of an eviction prevention case manager position,  a second landlord navigator position and an additional court navigator position,” reads the press release. 

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City hires Charlotte firm to guide new strategic plan for local government

The city of Charlottesville has selected a firm to work on a strategic plan. The Raftelis Financial Consultants of Charlotte, North Carolina will work on the document that is intended to guide the activities of the city’s government. The existing plan was extended after FY20 due to the pandemic and a series of departures by city managers. 

“The process will be closely coordinated with and guided by a Strategic Plan Working Group comprised of City staff members,” reads a request for proposals issued on November 9. “The Working Group envisions a highly engaged consulting role that is deeply involved in gathering, processing, and summarizing the information generated by various consultation and participation processes.”

The consultant will be required to facilitate a strategic planning retreat and work on a plan with goals for calendar years 2023 through 2025. 

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Realtor group seeks greater awareness of Charlottesville zoning rewrite

This week the first concrete details of the city’s next zoning code will be released to the public. The work is part of the Cville Plans Together initiative which has already resulted in an Affordable Housing Plan and a new Comprehensive Plan. Now, the Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors has mounted a new campaign to promote what they see as a way toward more affordable places to live. 

“To make Charlottesville more affordable, we need to make housing more livable,” reads the first line of the public service announcement. 

The message is that allowing more density will translate into more affordable price points. 

“So as soon as you’re able, see how the Charlottesville zoning plan will make our city more affordable and livable,” the message continues with a directive to visit the Cville Plans Together website

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Vacant storefronts filling in at Barracks Road Shopping Center

The Charlottesville Office of Economic Development keeps track of six areas across the city to see how well storefronts are doing. Filled or empty? The latest figures were released earlier this month. (view the report)

The study looks at the Downtown Mall, the Corner, Barracks Road Shopping Center, McIntire Plaza, Preston Plaza, and Seminole Square. The report only looks at the ground floor and does not include vacancies if a space is being renovated for a future tenant. Vacant office spaces are also not counted.

The January 2023 vacancy report from the Office of Economic Development
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Charlottesville real estate assessments up an average of 12.33 percent

For the second year in a row, the average real estate assessment increased by double digits, setting up conversations this week about additional revenue that will be generated for the city of Charlottesville.

Residential parcels increased by an average of 11.52 percent, based on 15,148 taxable properties. Commercial properties went up an average of 12.16 percent, and that includes apartment complexes, retail, and office space. When you throw in new construction, the overall average is 12.33 percent. 

Nearly 98 percent of all properties in Charlottesville went up in value, with just over one percent declining. 

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December 2022 transactions: Industrial block in Rose Hill neighborhood sells for $12.75M; Orangedale duplex sells for $270K

How will the final month of 2022 turn out? As I write these words, I have not yet begun compiling this list. I do this work manually and it takes a lot of time to go through. In the early days of this publication, I had more time! Now I’m expanding to Fifth District Community Engagement. There’s a lot less real estate in that one. At least for now. 

I’ve produced these monthly property transaction summaries for two years now and I know I still have a lot to learn. I don’t yet understand all of the mechanisms by which properties trade hands, but I know it’s more important than ever to pay attention to what’s happening. For a community where housing is on the minds of many, I intend this list to be a way for people to know what’s happening.

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