North Fork project awarded $3 million from Virginia Business Ready Sites program

Albemarle County is set to receive $3 million in funding for infrastructure to help a 31 and a half acre site at the North Forth Discovery Park become more attractive for a economic development prospect. 

Louisa County will receive nearly $11.6 million for the Shannon Hill Regional Business Park. 

The two awards are part of $90 million in grants announced yesterday from the Virginia Business Ready Sites Grant program. 

“The leading priority of the Virginia Business Ready Sites Program is to increase our project-ready sites portfolio across the Commonwealth, and this unprecedented site development funding is an important step forward in strengthening Virginia’s infrastructure,” Youngkin is quoted in a press release. “Prepared sites drive economic growth, and we have to move faster to attract new businesses.” 

Albemarle had asked for $7.5 million for the North Fork project. That’s according to comments made by staff at the December meeting of the Albemarle Economic Development Authority.

The EDA will also meet later today to ratify an agreement for an announcement last week of a $1.4 million investment in space at the Albemarle Business Campus by PS-Fertlity. That involves something called the Virginia Jobs Investment Program. (meeting info)

The largest award was $25 million for Chesterfield County for a project called Upper Magnolia Green. The City of Waynesboro will get just over $3.9 million for the Nature’s Crossing Technology Center

Elsewhere in the Fifth Congressional District: 

The North Fork Discovery Park is already listed on the website maintained by the Virginia Business Ready Site Program. (view the search page for other sites)

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