Albemarle County seeking state funds to prepare North Fork for economic development

Albemarle County’s economic development office is waiting on the results of a grant application to help prepare a location to reach a new level of certification from the Virginia Economic Development Partnership.

“This is a process we’ve been in since September where we are working with the University of Virginia Foundation to ready 31 and a half acres within North Fork,” said J.T. Newberry, Principal Business Development Manager for the office. 

Site selection officials visited the area to ask questions about their grant application for work to get a site to “Tier V” status under the Virginia Business Ready Site program.  

“We’re asking for about $7.5 million to ready that 31.5 acres,” Newberry said. “That would essentially allow us to accommodate a prospect within 12 to 18 months with much more confidence than we have now.” 

That would include an access road. Newberry said a recommendation will be made to Governor Glenn Youngkin and an announcement should be out within the next month or so.  

Newberry made his comments at the December 13, 2022 meeting of the Economic Development Authority’s Board of Directors. 

Images from the recent visit to North Fork by VEDP officials (Credit: Albemarle County)

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