Price elected for second year to chair Albemarle Supervisors; Andrews becomes vice chair

Albemarle County Supervisor Donna Price may not be running for a second term, but she will serve as that elected body’s chair for 2023. The six-member body had their organizational meeting this afternoon as conducted by County Executive Jeffrey Richardson.

“At this time, I will conduct the election of the chair and I will open the floor to nominations and I will open the floor for nominations for chair of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors,” Richardson said. 

“Mr. Richardson, it is a privilege to nominate Supervisor Donna Price to be our chair for 2023,” said Supervisor Ned Gallaway of the Rio District. 

The vote was unanimous and Price took her seat in the center of the dais.

Albemarle Supervisor Chair Donna Price and Vice Chair Jim Andrews (Credit: Albemarle County)

“I will open up the floor for nominations for vice chair of the Albemarle Board of Supervisors,” Price said.

Supervisor Bea LaPisto-Kirtley of the Rivanna District held that position last year, but nominated someone else for 2023.

“I would like to have the honor of nominating Jim Andrews as vice chair,” LaPisto-Kirtley said. 

In his remarks, Andrews noted the difference in how Albemarle’s transition went compared to one of the houses of Congress.

“We seem to have gotten through this a little faster than the U.S. House of Representatives,” Andrews quipped.

At publication time, a fourth ballot for Speaker of the U.S. House failed. 

Price thanked her colleagues for their confidence in her. She addressed Vice Chair Andrews. 

“I want to thank you and first the Board first for electing you and also you for being willing to serve in this capacity because one of the most important things that we do here is work towards continuity of our exception working relationship,” Price said. “The hallmark of this board has been our collective commitment to serve our community even when we may disagree on individual items that come before us, and I look forward to another year of exceptional service together.” 

The seats held by LaPisto-Kirtley, Price and White Hall Supervisor Ann Mallek are up this year. So far, no one has filed a statement of organization in Albemarle except for Michael Pruitt, who is running for the Scottsville seat. 

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