Charlottesville seeks proposals for affordable housing fund

Applications all in for two other recent requests for proposals

Charlottesville City Council adopted a new Affordable Housing Plan in March 2021 that called for reform to the way city funds are handed out to nonprofits and others. Last October, the city announced a new approach which created four distinct funding opportunities and have so far released details on how to apply to three of them. 

Yesterday the city issued a request for proposals for the final bucket.

“This competitive application process is open to affordable housing organizations that actively address the affordable housing needs of low- and moderate- income households,” reads a press release for the Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund. “CAHF funds will be used to support affordable housing projects located within the City of Charlottesville.”

The deadline to apply is January 31. The application states that $835,000 will be available in this cycle and the awards will be made on May 1, 2023. 

“That gives our housing providers an opportunity to apply for funding to add to our housing stock,” said Deputy City Manager Sam Sanders. 

Eligible products include:

  • Promoting, preserving and producing quality, long-term affordable housing options; providing housing related services to low-income and moderate-income households; 
  • Providing support for non-profit and for profit organizations that actively address the affordable housing needs of low- and moderate- income households.

Last year, Council received an audit on how nearly $46.7 million in CAHF funding has been used since 2010. The fund was created by Council in 2007. That was such a big report I wrote three articles on it:

Proposals for funding for “Housing Development Project Investments” were due on November 30. These are for major capital projects and are often used to help supplement applications for Low-Income Housing Tax Credits. 

Information provided by the city of Charlottesville for Housing Development Project Investments applicants for the current cycle

Proposals for funding for “Housing Operations & Community Support” through the city’s Vibrant Communities Fund were due on December 30. There were 14 applications totaling $1,344,072.

Information provided by the city of Charlottesville for Housing Operations and Programming Support (HOPS) applicants for the current cycle

The fourth category is through the Community Development Block Grant program. That deadline for proposals was on October 31. 

A section from the application for CAHF funding (view the application)

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