Charlottesville Climate Action Plan to be added to the Comprehensive Plan

City awards contracts for Preston / Harris study, new fuel tank for city fleet

When they meet on December 13, the Charlottesville Planning Commission will vote to recommend the re-adoption of the Comprehensive Plan in part to address a legal issue that may have occurred when the current version of the document was originally approved on November 15, 2021. 

In late August, Charlottesville Circuit Court Judge Claude Worrell dismissed three of four counts on a lawsuit calling for the Comprehensive Plan to be overturned, but said he would hear arguments on a claim that the public notice was not sufficient. The readoption will render those claims moot because a new public hearing will be held on December 13. (read my story)

But the notice is not the only change that will be made before the public. Charlottesville’s Climate Action Plan will also be added to the document but in slightly revised version not yet seen by Council. (Review the November 22, 2022 Climate Action Plan)

“It is a community-wide plan that has been developed based on the key sources and sectors of greenhouse gas emissions and contains a framework of actions that can be implemented by and throughout the community,” reads a December 8 press release

A figure from the Climate Action Plan shows emissions reductions to date (view the plan)

The plan is already generating policy changes. This week, the city awarded a contract to the firm Black & Veatch for professional services related to “decarbonization of gas utility.” For context, here’s a section from the Climate Action Plan that calls for this work to be performed.

“This technical study seeks to determine how the gas utility can be a part of the solution in achieving the City Council and [Albemarle County] Board of Supervisor’s adopted, community-wide greenhouse gas reduction goals and recognizes the University of Virginia’s fossil fuel free goal,” reads page 76 of the plan

The Planning Commission meets Tuesday and public hearings begin at 6 p.m. They will also have a public hearing on the draft Capital Improvement Program. (read a preview)

There are other procurement activities in Charlottesville worth noting: 

  • Caspian Construction has been awarded a contract to replace a fuel tank at the city’s fleet lot on Avon Street. Council agreed in October to allocate an additional $700,000 to the project because previous bids had all come in over the estimate. (read my story)
  • A request for proposals went out today for a firm to renovate Washington Park Pool before next summer. Bids close on December 29 with work to commence at the end of February. The firm will have to replace 21 skimmers, repair plumbing leaks, replace all of the porcelain edges, and replaster the pool tub. (bid page)
  • Today is the last day for firms to submit a bid for a project to create a new paved cycling trail connecting Madison Avenue and the Washington Park parking lot. (bid page)
  • EPR, PC has been awarded a contract for engineering services related to the intersection of Preston Avenue and Harris Street. 

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