Council vacates sewer easement for 209 Maury Avenue project

The Charlottesville City Council has voted to approve the relocation of a sewer line for the redevelopment of 209 Maury Avenue. That’s a property right on the border with the University of Virginia. In May, Council approved a special use permit allowing for additional density and a parking reduction for a total of 64 units. 

“As part of the development process, the current developer is going to be constructing a new sewer line in a different location than the one that was established previously,” said City Attorney Lisa Robertson at the October 17, 2022 Council meeting.  

That required a vote from Council to change the easement and to make a boundary line adjustment.  They’ll later have to come back and accept the new public right of way for the sewer. 

“By going ahead with the vacation, you’ll allow the developer to proceed with various financing applications and to proceed with the development,” Robertson said. 

This was a public hearing, but the agenda for the meeting did not indicate that. No one spoke during the public hearing, either in person or virtually. 

A look at what 209 Maury Avenue would look like (Credit: Mitchell Matthews Architects and Planners)

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