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Public input meetings scheduled for Charlottesville Climate Action Plan

Last week, the Charlottesville City Council got a briefing on the draft Climate Action Plan, as reported in the October 11, 2022 edition of this newsletter. At the end of a work session last week, Councilors indicated they wanted to adopt the plan as soon as possible and make it part of the Comprehensive Plan. But, there’s a process that needs to be followed.  (view the plan)

“So that would entail a joint public hearing with Council and the Planning Council and then it would come to the Council for a vote,” said James Freas, the director of the City’s Neighborhood Development Services Department. 

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Project to build 245 units at East High Street detailed at site plan conference

It is fairly common for planned developments in the community to become controversial. A plan to build 245 units in three apartment buildings in the floodplain along East High Street is attracting a lot of opposition, including a filing on October 4 with the Federal Emergency Management Agency challenging a recent flood map amendment. 

Charlottesville’s Department of Neighborhood Development Services hosted a site plan review conference on October 5 to give members of the public the chance to have their say, even if the project is allowed under the city’s rules. 

“Our team is excited about the opportunity to create a high-quality, multifamily residence at this strategic location in Charlottesville,” said Gray Poole, a partner with the Selwyn Property Group of Charlotte, North Carolina. 

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City announces new funding opportunities for affordable housing projects

Charlottesville City Council adopted an affordable housing plan in March 2021 and more than a year and a half later one of the recommendations is being implemented. 

“Charlottesville should build governance structures that institutionalize an equitable and efficient implementation of the Affordable Housing Plan,” reads one goal on page 13 of the plan

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