City’s human rights group seeks input on potential bills for 2023

There are 113 days until the 2023 session of the Virginia General Assembly convenes, but work is already underway on the next set of bills that will vie for passage of both Houses and signature into law. Earlier this month, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors had another discussion of what they’d like to see, including a further relaxation on Virginia’s open meeting rules to allow for meetings of advisory bodies to be held virtually. 

Charlottesville City Council will also come up with a list of legislative priorities, and the city’s Human Rights Commission is seeking input on what they should recommend through an online survey. (take the survey)

“The HRC envisions this community survey as an opportunity for members of our community to publicly raise topics of shared concern related to human rights,” reads a press release for the survey. “As an advisory body to City Council, the Human Rights Commission can bring Council’s attention to systemic and policy-level human rights concerns and advocate for positive change.”

The survey is open through October 3. You can also check out previous recommendations of the Human Rights Commission on the city’s website

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