Charlottesville building officials in place

Charlottesville finally has a Building Code Official in place after the position was vacant for two years. Chuck Miller started work on the job on August 29 adding extra capacity to an ailing department. 

This spring and summer, the city of Charlottesville has struggled to process building permits leading many developers to seek third-party inspectors to do the work. Sanders said the city has informed those that had to go that route that they will be paid back for their trouble.

“Because of our inability to perform, we will be reimbursing them of their charge so they will be able to submit their receipt that shows that they paid that bill and we will cover that expense for them as a sign of good faith on our part that we’re trying to do better and get better at the management of our responsibilities,” Sanders said.  

The city has also recently hired a building inspector as well to help with the backlog of permits. 

“For the last six to eight months if not longer we have had a real crisis in that area so to have added really two new people to the general field is really excellent,” said Charlottesville Mayor Lloyd Snook. 

“It means that there is truly light at the end of the tunnel,” Rogers added. 

Sanders also announced the hiring of Emily Irvine to be the city’s Climate Action Specialist. 

“This is a critical position for us,” Sanders said. “The person will be responsible for implementing our climate action plan.”

Sanders said Council will get an update on that plan in October. 

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