Charlottesville warns of slower turnaround time for building permits

Staff shortages are causing the city of Charlottesville’s Department of Neighborhood Development Services to put a pause on building and trade inspections between May 31 and June 13. 

“The department acknowledges the inconvenience this may cause and appreciates everyone’s patience and cooperation during this time,” reads a press release that went out Friday afternoon. 

That means “major delays” in the issuance of new building permits and new inspections. 

The release points to the Department of Neighborhood Development Service’s website for information about the city’s policy on third party inspections. 

“The 3rd party inspection policy/program allows substitute inspectorsto perform the daily inspections normally completed by Charlottesville Building Inspectors after our approval,” reads that form.

There are several open positions on the city’s jobs board, including Building Code Official, which pays between $73,474 and $96,096 a year.  

In the meantime, the release states that NDS will continue to process permits and inspections as quickly as possible. 

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