Monthly Archives: February 2022

Council poised to reduce speed limit Fifth Street Extended

Charlottesville City Council has taken a step to try to reduce fatal crashes on 5th Street Extended. A petition was submitted to the city in late 2020 asking for something to be done to slow down traffic on the roadway, which has the character of a divided highway. 

“We have been working on this and the first stage,” said traffic engineer Brennen Duncan. “Having looked at this for more than a year now, reviewing the data and looking at all the crash history and stuff we are proposing that we reduce the speed limit from 45 miles per hour to 40 miles per hour.” 

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Council adds Urban Rivanna River Plan to Comp Plan

The Charlottesville City Council has officially adopted a plan to guide environmental protections along the urbanized portion of the Rivanna River. The Urban Rivanna Corridor Plan is now a referenced part of the city’s 2021 Comprehensive Plan. 

“It’s past time but I’m glad we’re getting to it now finally to begin to recognize the fact that the Rivanna River is an asset to Charlottesville and is not merely a barrier,” said Charottesville Mayor Lloyd Snook.

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