Charlottesville seeking planning director, other leadership positions

Do you or someone you know want the chance to be Charlottesville’s next Director of Neighborhood Development Services? The city is taking applications through April 2 for the position, for which a vacancy was created when Alex Ikefuna was demoted to deputy director in February 2020. (Daily Progress article)

‘The ideal candidate must have experience and knowledge with all aspects of Planning and Development operations and a proven track record in managing a complex organization while demonstrating the ability to work with many stakeholders in a highly engaged community,” reads the application for the job, which has a salary range between $100,000 and $150,000. 

The NDS director is not the only position that is open:

“Recent retirements, natural attrition and newly created positions of several key leadership posts have positioned the City to be able to make a major organizational culture change in serving our community and meeting the contemporary needs of our governmental staff,” reads a line posted within each of the above applications. 

A blurb from the application brochure outlines the duties of the NDS director

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