Monthly Archives: February 2021

Albemarle PC recommends form-based code overlay for Rio Road / 29 area

On Tuesday, the Albemarle Planning Commission held a public hearing on a new zoning overlay district created by staff for the area around the intersection of U.S. 29 and Rio Road. The idea is to encourage the redevelopment of single-story shopping centers into a more urban form. The form-based code would be optional and would allow for more square feet in a structure. Rachel Falkenstein is a planning manager with the county. 

“The application process for development under form-based code would look pretty similar to a by-right development process that we have today with a couple of small tweaks,” Falkenstein said. “The first is that we are requiring a pre-application meeting for applications under the form based code where we could discuss topics with the applicant such as the location of streets and civic spaces and any unique site characteristics.”

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Albemarle EDA will assist Afton Scientific with expansion, briefed on 2021 real estate assessments

The Albemarle County Economic Development Authority has entered into a job creation agreement with Afton Scientific for that company’s expansion. 

Afton Scientific manufactures pharmaceuticals that are sterile and digestible and has around 60 employees.  Their products include therapies for cystic fibrosis, immune diseases, and breast cancer.  Tom Thorp, the firm’s CEO, told the EDA about a probiotic for infants that Afton Scientific is working on.

“That will get rolled out nationwide, and it’s very exciting,” Thorp said. “A lot of major companies are going to be backing that and we’ll be making that at our third facility. What we do is we take the ingredients and we mix it up and we sterilize it and put in these vials and cap and crimp it and give it back to the customer.” 

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