City Council conveys Union Station land back to developer Cadgene

Charlottesville City Council has agreed to convey city-owned property back to developer Allan Cadgene operating under his Union Station Partners LLC. Chris Engel is the city’s economic development director. (staff report)

“This item in summary deals with a loose end from a development agreement that was entered into between Union Station Partners and the city of Charlottesville back in the late 1990’s,” Engel said.

At that time, the Downtown Transit Station had not yet been built, and there was a possibility it might be located at the Amtrak station on West Main.  The city entered into a development agreement to secure a federal grant which required a match from the city.

“In lieu of providing cash, the parties agreed to transfer a parcel of land so that that could serve as a local match,” Engel said. 

The 0.8 acre property has continued to be used as a parking lot ever since. The grant did result in an upgrade of the train station but a second phase did not materialize. No one spoke at the public hearing required by city code. 

It should also be noted that the fourth round of Smart Scale also recommends $50 million in funds to increase passenger rail services through Charlottesville to expand frequency to Roanoke and points west. 

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