Nine out of ten Smart Scale applications recommended for funding

The Smart Scale funding process has recommended nine out of ten transportation projects in Albemarle County submitted in the latest round. The Commonwealth Transportation Board will consider the projects this spring and will take a final vote in June. 

“The total amount of Smart Scale funds that would come to Albemarle from these projects is just over $60 million,” said Albemarle transportation planner Kevin McDermott sent in an email to the Board of Supervisors. 

Smart Scale is a process where projects submitted by localities and planning districts are ranked according to how they provide a series of desired outcomes. VDOT staff matches higher-ranked projects with funding sources. However, funding for the projects will not come for a few years, allowing time for the projects to be designed. 

“The projects are not just a benefit for private vehicular transportation but also represent a park and ride lot with potential to be served by regional transit, two projects that are solely bicycle and pedestrian improvements, and the inclusion of a bicycle and pedestrian element within every project recommended for funding.

Another high-scoring project is $50 million to increase passenger rail along the Interstate 81 and U.S. 29 corridors. 

Here are the projects recommended for funding:

  • $5.73 million in funding for a $24 million project to make improvements around the intersection of U.S. 29 and Hydraulic Road. The rest of the funding is leftover from projects completed on U.S. 29 over the past few years.
  • $3.94 million for a $5.9 million for Route 250 East Corridor Improvements
  • $5.2 million for a $7.26 million for improvements at intersection of Old Lynchburg Road and 5th Street Extended 
  • $8.7 million for the total cost of improvements to address safety concerns on Ridge Street
  • $8.126 million for a $10.126 million roundabout at intersection of John Warner Parkway and East Rio Road 
  • $10.874 million for the total cost of Phase 3 of the West Main Streetscape between 8th Street NW to Roosevelt Brown Boulevard
  • $7.743 million for the total cost of intersection improvements at Preston Avenue and Grady Avenue
  • $3.38 million for the total cost of a park and ride lot at Exit 107 on Interstate 64
  • $3.524 million for the total cost of a shared-use path on U.S. 29 from Carrsbrook to Seminole Lane
  • $9.841 million for a project to build a trailhead and trails near 5th Street Station
  • $12.374 million for improvements at the U.S. 29 and Fontaine Avenue interchange
  • $9.2 million for a roundabout in Fluvanna County at Troy Road and Route 250
  • $7.762 million for a roundabout at Route 231 and High Street in Gordonsville
  • $20.465 million for the second phase of multimodal improvements on Emmet Street

One project in Charlottesville that did not get recommended for funding is a $34.3 million project to extend Hillsdale Drive south to a new interchange at the U.S. 250 bypass. A project to remove a traffic light at U.S. 29 and Fray’s Mill Road also did not make the cut. Two intersection projects in Louisa County also did not get recommended, as well as a roundabout at Route 53 and Turkeysag Trail in Fluvanna. 

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