Campaign finance reports are in for September

Covering local elections is very different in this era of early voting when many have already cast a ballot. Yet, the Virginia Public Access Project makes it easier to get information out to people about the current state of the race.

As of yesterday, 4,949 people had voted in Albemarle County. In Charlottesville, 1,206 voters have already had their say. That’s almost the same number in Fluvanna County where 1,245 people have selected their candidates.

Meanwhile in Greene County, 677 people have voted with presumably some of them writing in someone for the Monroe District seat that does not have a candidate on the ballot. (learn more in this story)

In Louisa, 1,708 voters have exercised their right and 722 have done so in Nelson County.

The Virginia Public Access Project has also processed the latest campaign finance reports for the period covering the month of September. 

Of note is that none of the three candidates for Charlottesville City Council appears to have raised any money. As of publication time. Candidate Natalie Oschrin had not filed a report. Councilor Michael Payne spent $334 and current Mayor Lloyd Snook spent $6. The race is uncontested. 

The Charlottesville School Board race is also uncontested. Of the four candidates on the ballot, only Amanda Burns filed a report as of publication time. There was no activity. There are no reports for Chris Meyer, Shymora Cooper, or Nicole Richardson. 

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