Charlottesville City Council holds first reading on $800K for Meadow Creek Trail work

For years, the city of Charlottesville has been working to connect its network of trails north of the U.S. 250 bypass. On Monday, City Council held the first reading of $800,000 in funds from the Virginia Department of Transportation through their Transportation Alternatives Program.

“We’ve been working on constructing a trail from Greenbrier Park over to Michie Drive,” said Chris Gensic of the city’s Parks and Recreation Department. “This is a large chunk of that trail system.” 

The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation has also contributed funds as have city taxpayers. Gensic said VDOT contributed this amount of funds in order to get the project completed. 

“So it’s $800,000 more money to put into this large [project],” Gensic said. “Two bridges and trails to connect that whole system behind Seminole Square, up to the Virginia Institute for Autism and up to Greenbrier Park.” 

Gensic said design and engineering needs to be completed for the project and he said the project should go to bid in the near future. 

This project was called for in the Meadow Creek Valley Master Plan adopted by Council in 2013. A copy of that plan is available on the website of the Greenbrier Neighborhood Association. (download the plan)

A map showing areas of the city’s trail network that are either built or planned (Credit: City of Charlottesville)

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