Albemarle and Charlottesville launch new effort on joint climate action work

Both Albemarle County and Charlottesville have individual climate action plans that have been approved in recent years. Today the two localities have launched Resilient Together, a new initiative to indicate how the two localities work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for climate mitigation. 

“Locally, we are experiencing longer, hotter heat waves, more destructive storms, wildfire smoke, and invasive pests,” reads a press release sent out by Albemarle County. “Scientific projections show these challenges will increase in the coming years and decades, with implications for our community’s health and well-being.”

With assistance from the University of Virginia, Resilient Together will take 18 months to develop complementary resilience and adaptation plans. 

You can sign up on the website for additional information or consider attending a project kickoff at Carver Recreation Center on September 26. 

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