Albemarle County releases results of Comprehensive Plan survey

Albemarle County remains in the second of a four-phase effort to update its Comprehensive Plan to prepare for a future projected to have thousands more residents. The current estimate from the Weldon Cooper Center is 115,495 people as of last July 1 with a current projection of 138,525 by 2044. 

The Comprehensive Plan update is being called AC44 to reflect the target year of 2044. The first set of results are in for the first round of public input for the second phase. 

“The AC44 team reviewed community input from the first round of engagement in Phase 2, from 532 questionnaire responses, six pop-ups in each magisterial district, and approximately 130 participants in 15 community chats,” reads an email sent out this morning. 

That response rate is around 0.4 percent of the total population. 

A summary of the responses has also been sent out. Question ten sought to gauge concern about housing affordability in the future. Seventy-four respondents were very concerned, 217 were somewhat concerned, and 231 were not concerned at all.

All of the data from the full questionnaire are also available for review on the AC44 website. The vast majority of respondents live in single-family homes (432 out of 526) and own their homes (460 out of 519). 

One of the results from the first questionnaire of the second phase of the AC44 Comprehensive Plan review process

A second set of surveys is currently open with responses taken through July 14. In all there are four subject areas.

For more on the first one, take a look at an article I wrote in the June 7 edition of this newsletter.

There will also be a virtual open house on July 12 that will double as a joint meeting of all of the Community Advisory Committees. You can register for that meeting here

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