NDS Director lays out next steps for Charlottesville zoning  

Charlottesville City Council and the Planning Commission will hold another work session on the zoning code on May 23. The topic will be the third module as well as a review of requests for changes to the draft zoning map. 

“Next week we will have module three out and I believe the comment period is through mid-June,” said James Freas, the city’s director of Neighborhood Development Services. 

Freas said the goal is to have a consolidated draft of all three modules by the end of July as well as a new zoning map.

“And at that point it is a baton hand-off to you guys,” Freas said. “That means that we open up the public hearing and our recommendation to you would be that you guys devote an entire meeting to the public hearing and then move into the deliberations and decision-making in subsequent meeting or meetings.” 

Commissioner Hosea Mitchell said he wanted his colleagues to proceed in an organized fashion.  

“We’ve got to have a very structured way of going about our deliberations and we organize decision stair-steps so that we can step our way through the decisions as opposed to attempting to bite off the whole thing at once,” Mitchell said. 

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