Release of Charlottesville’s second zoning module delayed

This week those following the rewriting of Charlottesville’s zoning code had expected to be able to review the second module of the new draft. The first was released in early February and set out the basic rules for what could be built and where. The second will add more of details on items such as parking, landscaping, and affordability requirements.

“Given certain circumstances outside of our control, I’m having to exercise what I said early on that we may need to change our release schedule,” said James Freas, the director of Neighborhood Development Services. 

Freas said the second module is now anticipated to be released on March 29. 

“Circumstances arose at the end of last week and at the end of this week that kind of put us in a position that we need to push out,” Freas said. 

A City Council and Planning Commission work session scheduled for that day will still be held. That will now be an introduction to the second set of rules, which will also include the details for inclusionary zoning and for “Sensitive Communities” where displacement of Black households is more likely to occur.

“We’re going to aim for a late morning, noonish release,” Freas said. 

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