Puryear assigned to Council committees

New City Councilor Leah Puryear attended her first meeting on February 28 when Council got together with the Planning Commission to review the draft of the first module of the new zoning code. My goal is to get a story out on that by March 13. At her first regular meeting, Puryear was assigned various committees. 

“We’re going to appoint her to replace Councilor Magill on the legislative committee,” said Mayor Lloyd Snook. “Also on the Community Criminal Justice Board and one of the Virginia First Cities representatives.”

Puryear will also serve on the Charlottesville Community Scholarship program board.

“Ms. Puryear reminded us earlier this evening that she is actually one of the founders of the program so we’re going to give her a chance to see how the program has been developed over the years,” Puryear said.  

To learn more about that program, visit https://www.cvillescholarship.com/

Snook said he will now be serving on the Historic Resources Committee, which had not had a sitting Councilor appointed. 

In other appointment news, Council named Richard Fravel as an at-large member of the new Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund Committee. They accidentally appointed two people to that position last month, and had to rescind that action. 

There are still three vacancies, all of whom will need to be beneficiaries of affordable housing funds. Applications are due on March 10. From the staff report we learn that the city has hired Taylor Harvey-Ryan as the city’s Housing Program Manager. That position had been vacant since August 2020. 

A list of the members of the new CAHF Committee. For more background, read a story I wrote from January 20, 2023

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