City awards design-build contract for Dairy Bridge replacement

For many years, the city has been planning and preparing to replace a bridge that carries Dairy Road over the U.S. 250 Bypass. On Thursday, the city awarded a “design build” contract to the firm A. Morton and Associates.

“In this method, the designer and builder work on the same team from preliminary design to project close-out,” reads a press release that went out in January. “This method allows better communication of intent and constructability right from the start.” 

The two-lane bridge was built in 1954 according to a database maintained by the Federal Highway Administration. The official estimate for the project is $7.211 million according to the Virginia Department of Transportation. 

Under this scenario, A. Morton and Associates will both design and build the bridge. This eliminates one step in the process and the city is hopeful it will help bring down the overall cost. This will be the first such “design-build” project in Charlottesville. That press release from January said the goal is to have the replacement in place by December 2023. (previous coverage)

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