Albemarle Supervisors to get updates on Smart Scale projects, other transportation initiatives

One of the items on the agenda for the January 11, 2023 meeting of the Albemarle Board of Supervisors is a quarterly update on transportation projects. This will be from the the county’s transportation planner, Jessica Hersh-Ballering. The major piece of information coming up later this month will be the scoring of Smart Scale submissions.  As a reminder, here’s what Albemarle submitted:

Here’s what the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission submitted: 

Here’s what the Charlottesville-Albemarle Metropolitan Planning District Commission submitted:

There will also be updates on the Three Notched Trail shared use path, the Lambs Lane Campus, the future of Free Bridge Lane, and improvements to Old Ivy Road. The latter are a reason why the Planning Commission recommended denial of a rezoning for a 525-unit housing development next to University Village.  (read the story)

“A consultant under contract with VDOT has identified potential vehicular improvements to the Old Garth Rd/US 250/Canterbury Rd intersection,” reads the quarterly report. “These improvements are expected to address safety and congestion issues on the US 29 Bypass Southbound exit ramp near St Anne’s Belfield Entrance. Pedestrian improvements on the eastern end of the corridor have not yet been identified.” 

The report also identifies where staff know increased development will have an effect on the transportation network (Credit: Albemarle County) 

Those who push the city of Charlottesville for specific transportation improvements could benefit from taking a look at the full report. To actually bring projects from idea to implementation, you need a planning department that understands how to match up specific road improvements to specific pools of funding. A full comparison between how the two jurisdictions work would be very useful. 

I’ll have more details later this week from the meeting. And there will also be a report from the Virginia Department of Transportation. (read the VDOT report)

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