Charlottesville seeks firm to help with strategic plan

Charlottesville is seeking a firm to help relaunch the creation of a new strategic plan. A request for proposals for a consultant went out on Monday to update a plan that ran out in FY2020 but was extended. 

“The process will be closely coordinated with and guided by a Strategic Plan Working Group comprised of City staff members,” reads the RFP. “The Working Group envisions a highly engaged consulting role that is deeply involved in gathering, processing, and summarizing the information generated by various consultation and participation processes.”

The consultant will be required to facilitate a strategic planning retreat and work on a plan with goals for calendar years 2023 through 2025.  Where Comprehensive Plans provide a vision for a locality, strategic plans are more about how to implement a community toward a stated direction. 

Proposals are due on November 9. 

Anyone interested in learning more can view the current strategic plan on the city’s website

Albemarle County is also updating its strategic plan and a community survey closed this week. For comparison, take a look at my previous story from September 30 or take a look at their strategic plan website.  

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