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Charlottesville’s “summer of zoning” ends with long discussion of next steps

Last week, the Charlottesville City Council and the Charlottesville Planning Commission gathered in CitySpace to provide guidance for the next phase of the Cville Plans Together initiative. 

“The overview question for you tonight is are we on the right track as far as adopting zoning that will advance us into implementation of our Comprehensive Plan and affordable housing plan,” said James Freas, the city’s director of Neighborhood Development Services. 

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Group plans fight against East High Street apartments

Tomorrow there will be a site plan review conference for a project to build 245 units on land that would be elevated out of the floodplain with fill. A new group called the Free Bridge Floodplain Advocacy Group has formed to try to stop the plans from being realized. 

“We recognize that this is a by-right project, but we feel that there are legitimate avenues for the City to deny approval,” reads a statement made to Charlottesville Community Engagement. “The group believes that the project can be challenged on the basis of entrance and traffic-related issues, as well as impacts related to its location within the 100-year floodplain.” 

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Garton back as interim Greene County administrator

Yesterday was the first day that Brenda Garton is back at work in Greene County to run that local government while the Board of Supervisors seeks a permanent county administrator. Mark B. Taylor resigned last month to take a position as School Superintendent in Spotsylvania County. 

Garton previously served as Greene’s interim administrator after John Barkley stepped down in 2018. She’s also served in similar caretaker positions in Rappahannock County, Frederick County, Gloucester County, Orange County, and Prince George County. 

Brenda Garton

“I enjoyed my previous service as the Interim County Administrator in Greene County in 2018 and 2019, so it will feel like coming home to work here again,” Garton said in a press release. “It is critical to the continuity of the organization, staff, and ongoing projects to maintain stability and steady progress while the Board searches for a new County Administrator.” 

The next meeting of the Greene County Board of Supervisor is October 11. 

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Charlottesville drivers to get pay increase

A shortage of bus drivers has delayed the start of new Charlottesville Area Transit routes and has lead to more students walking to the City of Charlottesville’s public schools. To help attract more workers, Charlottesville officials have announced a pay increase.

“In addition to the two recruitment and retention bonuses that was implemented with Council’s support, I am today announcing a major shift in the compensation structure for operators, transit and pupil, bus aides, transit bus technicians, transit maintenance workers as well,” said interim City Manager Michael C. Rogers. “These changes will be effective today.”

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