Senator-elect John McGuire to challenge Representative Good for Republican nomination

Just eight days after being elected to represent Virginia’s Senate District 10, Delegate John McGuire has announced on social media that he will challenge incumbent Bob Good in whatever nomination process is decided for 2024.

McGuire said he’s running because he claims Good does not support former President Donald Trump in his race for another four years in the White House. Instead, Good has endorsed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 

“On the day our president was wrongly indicted, Bob abandoned Trump by endorsing another candidate,” McGuire wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday. “I’m a Father, a Navy SEAL, a Day One Trump Supporter, a Christian Conservative, and a Pro-Life, Pro-Gun Business Owner running to SAVE AMERICA and HELP THE PEOPLE.”

Brandon Jarvis writes in the Virginia Political Newsletter that the Goochland County Republican Committee quickly responded with a non-binding and symbolic no confidence vote. 

“The electorate has been misled and betrayed, as it is now apparent that John McGuire’s intentions were primarily self-serving rather than driven by a genuine desire for public service,” reads the text of that resolution. 

Jarvis also reports that at least two McGuire’s opponents for the Republican nomination for the Senate race have called McGuire a liar. One of them is Duane Adams, a member of the Louisa County Board of Supervisors who posted on the social media website formerly known as Twitter.

For more on the primary announcement, read Brian Carlton’s article in the Farmville Herald.

The Fifth District Republican Committee meets on Saturday at 10 a.m. in Farmville according to their calendar.

So far there’s been no word from candidates who might emerge in the Democratic Party. 

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