Sanders addresses community feedback on fuel for public transportation 

In a democracy, there are many forces that seek to influence decisions that get made. That includes nonprofit advocacy groups such as the Community Climate Collaborative which has a current campaign underway to direct the outcome of a current study. 

“The impending City Council vote to determine the alternative fuel technology for Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) demands our unwavering attention,” reads the second paragraph of a letter to City Council for which the group is seeking signatures to support one of the options. 

What the letter does not tell you is the date for that impending vote, nor the fact that no vote will come until after a study by the firm Kimley-Horn is completed. Council last got an update on that study in July and Sanders addressed the campaign in his report on September 5. 

“I know it is a very hot-button issue that individuals are very supportive of the idea that our transit system can convert to battery-electric buses,” Sanders said. “I just want to remind everyone that no decision has been made, no recommendation has been offered, [and] the work is still being done.” 

Sanders said there are federal guidelines related to procurement. He urged people to be patient while all of the information is being put together. 

“It is our expectation that Kimley-Horn will be coming back with our CAT leadership team offering what they consider to be recommendations,” Sanders said. 

Sanders said the goal is to have that presentation in October but no date has been confirmed. He reminded Council that transportation staff have been working on efforts to provide bus service as the school year began. 

The study will be completed in October. (view the report)

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