Deadline extended to apply for vacant Charlottesville Planning Commission seat

The release of a consolidated draft of Charlottesville’s future zoning code has been delayed another week, which could push back public hearings and ultimate adoption.

The city has also pushed back the deadline to apply for a vacant seat on the Charlottesville Planning Commission. That’s the appointed body that advises City Council on land use matters including the Comprehensive Plan and the zoning code. 

Seven applicants had applied by the previous deadline, according to Charlottesville’s Deputy Clerk of Council.

Would-be applicants have until August 31 to apply to replace former Commissioner Liz Russell who has since left Charlottesville. (apply)

In June, City Council reappointed Commissioner Hosea Mitchell and Commissioner Rory Stolzenberg to new four-year terms.  At the time, there was one other applicant who was not selected for either of the two positions. 

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