Third phase in the works for Dairy Market

The redevelopment of Preston Avenue will take another step forward now that Stony Point Development Group is moving forward with a plan to build a third phase at Dairy Market. 

The area to be developed covers 4.41 acres. As of this moment, Stony Point Development Group owns only one of the three parcels. The others are held by Rennick Properties. 

A community meeting will be held for the project on July 25 at Old Trinity Church from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. 

There are two conceptual drawings included in the announcement. Both feature two new buildings along Preston Avenue that would be seven stories tall tapering to five stories on West Street. 

Several businesses currently exist at the site including Twice is Nice, Fifth Season, and Preston Suds. 

One of the two conceptual plans for Dairy Market Phase 3 (Credit: Stony Point Development Group)

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