Fluvanna County Supervisors reappoint Booker as chair

The first item on the agenda for the January 4, 2023 meeting of the Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors was to select officers for the current year. Mozell Booker of the Fork Union District served as chair last year and Patricia Eager of the Palmyra District served as vice chair. This year, both of their seats are up for election. 

The audio for the meeting on the YouTube channel did not pick up the initial part of the meeting but the recording begins as a discussion of who should be chair is underway. One Supervisor noted that Eager has never been chair before, but she did not appear to want the position. 

“I abdicate to Ms. Booker,” Eager said before a nomination had even been made. 

Before a nomination was made, consensus was made that Booker would hold the gavel for another year.

“I’ll make a motion that we make Mozell the chair of the Board of Supervisors for the coming year,” said Supervisor Chris Fairchild of the Cunningham District. 

The motion passed 4-0 with Booker abstaining. She then took the gavel from county administrator Eric Dahl. 

“I’m going to say that I’m very honored,” Booker said. “I don’t think that there are any other words to say other than I’m very honored and I thank you I be here for the year to do my very best.” 

The next step was to nominate a vice chair. Eager will hold that position for another year. 

“Two women!” Booker said. “Look out, y’all!”

According to her cvillepedia page, Booker spent many years as principal at Jackson-Via Elementary School.

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