Charlottesville zoning updates: Get ready for a busy 2023

The Charlottesville Planning Commission will not meet on December 27 for a work session, but the Deputy Director of Neighborhood Development Services wants them to be ready for a busy start to 2023. 

“Please get geared up because we are set for the first four fourth Tuesday which is our regular date for work sessions related to zoning ordinance related activities,” said Missy Creasy. 

More details about the zoning ordinance rewrite from NDS Director James Freas. 

“So we are now looking at releasing the draft zoning ordinance itself in three chunks, three modules,” Freas said. “The first of those will arrive during the week of January 30 through February 3 and that one is going to be detailed information on the zoning districts that will include the zoning map, use table, and all of the district standards. So the measurements, the rules, the height, lot coverage, lot size, all of those things that we associate with each of the districts.” 

The second module will arrive in mid-March and will be on development standards.

“So that’s things like landscaping, parking, lighting, and those types of measures and then the final model is zoning administration,” Freas said. “Most importantly that includes the review processes associated with the zoning ordinance and that will arrive in the April 3 to April 7 week.” 

The new zoning maps are not out, but here is a glimpse of what the new zoning districts might be. (Credit: City of Charlottesville)

Freas said those dates are guidelines and he reserves the right to extend them as needed for sufficient legal review. 

On January 24, the Commission will discuss the future of critical slopes, floodplain development, and entrance corridors. This is the third leg of the Cville Plans Together initiative and a public hearing for adoption is slated for June 2023. 

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