Charlottesville launches satisfaction survey

Are you a Charlottesville resident and do you have between 17 and 18 minutes? That’s the amount of time suggested you’ll need to fill out a community survey between now and December 22. (fill out the survey)

“We really do look forward to hearing from the community,” said Deputy City Manager Ashley Marshall at the December 5 City Council meeting. 

The survey’s website is run by a firm called Polco and respondents will be asked to provide an email and a zip code. 

“The city will not have access to any of that data but it is asked to make sure that individuals from the community are who is answering the survey so we can make sure that we are getting our community members’ responses and not someone in California, for example,” Marshall said. 

Interim City Manager Michael C. Rogers said the results will influence policy in the near-term.

“This information will be another layer that will go into our strategic plan,”Rogers said.

Households at random have been selected to fill out a paper survey. 

The survey is open until Twelve Twenty-Two, Twenty-Two (Credit: Polco)

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