PVCC President Runyon addresses Albemarle Board of Supervisors

There’s a new person in charge of Piedmont Virginia Community College. Dr. Jean Runyon became the sixth president on July 1 and she addressed the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors earlier this month. 

“Before coming to Piedmont Virginia Community College I had the privilege to serve at three comprehensive community colleges, two in Maryland, one in Colorado, and coming back to Virginia is like coming home,” Dr. Runyon said. 

Runyon’s father served in the U.S. Navy and was based in the Hampton Roads area for much of that time. She takes this new position at a time when PVCC is celebrating its 50th anniversary

“And then I think about our students, since we opened doors in 1972, about 250,000 students have come through our doors, 17,000 students have earned certificates and degrees, and others have enjoyed opportunities through workforce and our academic programs,” Runyon said. 

PVCC will be launching a strategic planning process in October. 

As Dr. Runyon’s appearance was wrapping up, Supervisor Chair Donna Price had this observation.

“PVCC has been recognized as the number one community college in the Commonwealth for veterans,” said Supervisor Price. “Not NOVA, Not up in Northern Virginia, not Tidewater. I’m retired Navy and spent my last six or seven years in Tidewater, but here in Central Virginia.”

President Runyon will appear before City Council at their meeting on Monday beginning at 4 p.m. 

PVCC President Jean Runyon (Credit: PVCC)

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